11 Signs of Water Damage In Your Home

11 Signs of Water Damage In Your Home

We all shudder at the thought of water damage, but every renter and homeowner could face it at some point. Water damage is severe enough to require immediate intervention to prevent your personal belongings and home furnishings from being ruined. And you take that responsibility seriously. That’s why you’re reading this! 

But how are you supposed to know if there’s water damage in your home? What if you don’t catch it until it’s too late? That’s what we’re focusing on in today’s blog. If you know what to look for, you can see signs of water damage in your home. 

Today’s blog discusses those 11 signs and what to do if you spot or suspect any of them. Let’s keep your home safe! Keep reading to learn more! 

1. Abnormal Spots

Are you noticing weird-looking spots in your home? They could be located anywhere – walls, ceilings, or floors. The spots are usually dark or discolored and resemble dirt. And it very well may be dirt. But it could also be water damage, so it’s a good idea to investigate it. 

We recommend checking areas where there’s plumbing. You’ll most likely find those spots around your toilets, sinks, and washing machines, so look carefully in those areas. 

2. Issues with Your Paint

Is your paint bubbling, crackling, flaking, or damaged in any way? You’ll want to get a professional to your house right away, as this is a sign of water sitting behind your walls, in your siding, etc. Your paint can get damaged on the interior or exterior of your home, so be sure to look at your outside walls, too.

Taking care of it as soon as possible minimizes the chances of permanent damage to your home.

3. Warped Flooring

Your walls aren’t the only area that can suffer from water damage. Your floors are equally likely to face the same problem. If you’re worried about water damage on your floors, walk around barefoot and see if there are damp spots, warping on your floor, or buckling in your vinyl.

All these are signs of water damage and should be checked out. Even if it isn’t water damage, you’re better safe than sorry.

4. Moist or Damp Surfaces

The only area in your home that should ever be moist or damp is your bathroom right after you shower.

If you’re noticing humidity in other parts of your home or even prolonged humidity in your bathroom when no one has showered recently, this is a sign of water damage, so take note! Feel your walls around your windows and pipes. If they’re moist or damp, chances are that it’s water damage.

5. Accumulation of Water or Puddles

Now, if your sink or toilet overflowed, you might have a puddle of water. But otherwise, you shouldn’t have water pooling or puddling in your home. Immediately clean it up, and keep an eye out for more water. Once might be a coincidence, but you might have a leak somewhere if it keeps happening. 

6. Outside Drainage isn’t Working

Water doesn’t just cause damage when it leaks. It can also get clogged or stuck somewhere and not have enough room, so it will seep out and flood into other places. You’ll see evidence of that if there’s water on your property outside of normal drainage areas. Have a professional come to your home and inspect the area for water damage.

7. Clogged or Broken Gutters

Has it been more than six months since the last time you cleaned out your gutters? If so, it’s time to clean them. Not only is it essential to keep everything running smoothly, but you could easily wind up with water damage. 

If the water has nowhere to go because your gutters are full, you could end up with water on your roof or foundation, both of which are recipes for a disaster. 

8. Roof Damage

You probably don’t get on top of your roof very often. And, for the most part, you don’t need to. But if you notice missing shingles, holes, or sagging in your roof, you might be looking at telltale signs of water damage. You might not want to get up on your roof yourself, but you’ll want to find a qualified professional to ensure your home is safe. Either way, get it checked out.

9. Hearing Water

Think you hear a drippy faucet, but your sink isn’t on, and your tub isn’t dripping? You could be hearing water in your walls or leaking from your pipes. Even if you don’t see any abnormal spots or notice any other signs of water damage, it’s worth looking into. Water accumulating in your walls or leaking out of your pipes can cause catastrophic damage. 

10. Moldy/Musty Smell

While mold is an entirely separate issue, it can also result from water damage. So, if you notice a moldy or musty smell, there’s a good chance you’ll track it back to water damage. 

Pay attention to where the smell is coming from and investigate that area. Common culprits include water heaters, sinks, and toilets. 

11. Higher Water Bill

You have to pay for all the water you use, even if that water is leaking in places you don’t know about. Not one single drop is free. So, if you notice a higher-than-usual water bill, it could be a telltale sign of water damage. It’s worth investigating! 

Total Flood and Fire Restoration

If you’re noticing any of these 11 signs, there’s a chance you have water damage in your home. But before you panic, call Total Flood and Fire Restoration. We can repair and restore what water has damaged. Trust us to take care of your home so you can return to your daily routine. Call us at 801.560.9798, or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment. Time is of the essence with water damage, so don’t wait to repair your home! Call Total Flood & Fire Restoration today.


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