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Water damage can cause severe damage to your home if not addressed quickly and correctly. Call Total Flood and Fire Restoration for the best water damage services.

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When you hire Total Flood and Fire Restoration, you’re getting nothing but licensed professionals with years of experience.

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Our water damage and restoration professionals have been working within Utah communities for years and are always just a phone call away.

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No matter what water damage situation you’re in, our licensed professionals have worked with it before. If you’re looking for a true water damage and restoration expert, you can’t go wrong with Total Flood & Fire Restoration.


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I have done business with Brian and he is a genuine person. He takes the time to explain what needs to happen, offers advice, and isn't pushy. I have no problem recommending Black Diamond to family and friends. Thanks Brian for your work!
Black Diamond was very professional and came right out both times we needed them. They have always been honest and have done very good work, which makes us more than happy to give them a great review!
Brian Wilson and Kevin Karen were the best! They took care of my home quickly and responded to my millions of phone calls and texts messages as if I were the only customer they were working with. THANK YOU!

Urgent Water Damage Restoration

When you find water damage in your home or commercial property, it can lead to a lot of stress, both on you and the structural integrity of your building. Water damage can be caused by various things such as leaking or bursting pipes, faulty plumbing, HVAC issues, storms, and other natural disasters, and much more. Any kind of water damage should be addressed by a professional, so they can determine the cause and restore any damage to your property. All water damage is harmful to your property, but greywater and blackwater can also be significant health concerns. Greywater makes for microbial growth, like mold and bacteria. Blackwater likely contains sewage waste and can cause even more damage and health concerns; as blackwater also promotes mold and bacteria, it can also contain viruses and other toxic allergens. If there’s any sign of greywater or blackwater damage, call Total Flood and Fire Restoration immediately. We offer around-the-clock emergency services to ensure that you and your property are kept safe in Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah counties, from Laytown down to Salt Lake City and Provo.