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Sewage damage is unsightly, unsanitary, and difficult to deal with. If you have sewage damage, the experts at Total Flood & Fire Restoration can take care of it for you. We’ll clean and restore your space so that it looks like the damage never happened.

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Sewage Damage Restoration Services

Choose Total Flood & Fire Restoration for your Sewage Damage Restoration Company in Utah.

Water Damage

Fast Response

We know that when you’ve got sewage damage in your office or home, you need immediate service. We promise to get there ASAP! 

Water Damage

Licensed and Insured Experts

At Total Flood & Fire Restoration, we pride ourselves on being fully licensed and insured. We’ve got years of knowledge and experience with all kinds of sewage damage, so no matter what the problem is, we’re ready to tackle it. 

Black Diamond Water Damage & Flood Disaster Restoration: Benefits

Safe Cleanup

Sewage damage can be detrimental to both your home and your health. When you contact Total Flood & Fire Restoration, our experts will get the area cleaned quickly and effectively so that your home or office will be a safe place once again. 

Sewage Damage Restoration Service in Salt Lake County UT
I have done business with Brian and he is a genuine person. He takes the time to explain what needs to happen, offers advice, and isn't pushy. I have no problem recommending Total Flood & Fire Restoration to family and friends. Thanks Brian for your work!
Total Flood & Fire Restoration was very professional and came right out both times we needed them. They have always been honest and have done very good work, which makes us more than happy to give them a great review!
Brian Wilson and Kevin Karen were the best! They took care of my home quickly and responded to my millions of phone calls and texts messages as if I were the only customer they were working with. THANK YOU!

Sewage Damage Repair and Restoration

Plumbing has become an integral part of our lives, and that’s why blocked sewer lines and sewage damage can be so frustrating. Blocked sewer lines can cause serious problems, including electrical issues, property damage, and health hazards. This happens when drainage pipes become blocked by a tree root, heavy rainfall, or a faulty sewer line, so that wastewater can’t pass through, creating a dark, thick sludge. This substance is highly dangerous as it has become contaminated and could contain a number of hazardous viruses and illness-causing bacteria. If you have a blocked sewer line, it’s vital that you get expert help in order to determine the cause of the blockage in a safe, sanitary, and timely manner.

If you’re experiencing a blocked sewer line, don’t wait to take action. Call Total Flood & Fire Restoration today and let our trained, licensed, and insured professionals take care of it. Prompt action is required in order to prevent any further issues like property damage, mold, or electrical malfunctions. We’ll clean and disinfect your space, flush out any plumbing fixtures, and restore any damage brought on by the blocked line so that you can have your home or office back in working order again. We serve Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah counties, from Layton down to Salt Lake City and Lehi.