Restoration Company Utah: Water, Fire & Storm Damage Restoration

Black Diamond Water Damage & Disaster Restoration, leading Restoration Company in Utah, provides Water Damage and Disaster Restoration services throughout Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah counties. Our excellent reputation speaks for itself. We are certified, fully licensed, and insured for your protection. We pride ourselves on getting you back into your home or workspace quickly and efficiently.

Our professional technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your restoration needs. Black Diamond Water Damage & Disaster Restoration can help with non-emergency situations as well, such as vandalism damage, asbestos, and lead paint testing and removal. We make sure not only to restore but reconstruct your home or office to exacting standards.

When you choose Black Diamond Water Damage & Disaster Restoration, you choose a dedicated team that truly cares about each and every customer while providing the best in total restoration and reconstruction services. Our Disaster Restoration services are:

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage

Water damage can quickly spiral out of control, and it is a home or business owner’s worst nightmare. This damage occurs when excess water pools in certain hard-to-reach areas. Common causes of water damage include: bursting or leaking pipes, issues with your plumbing system, faulty household appliances, HVAC issues, natural disasters, and more. Even if you have a plan of action, this type of damage can result in unforeseen scenarios and threats to your belongings. Significant damage requires professional supervision and the proper tools and machinery. Furthermore, you must be aware of the differences between greywater and blackwater damage. 

Greywater promotes microbial growth, and both direct and indirect exposure can result in health problems for you, your family, or employees. It can also damage your belongings. Blackwater is even more destructive, as it normally comes from sewers. This water hoards bacteria, viruses, and other toxic allergens, making it a health risk. As you can see, this type of damage is too complex to deal with, and it is best to let our licensed and certified professionals restore your property to its original condition. Black Diamond Restoration works quickly to repair and prevent further damage. Our team can handle the restoration process while you and your loved ones recover.

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration

Utah Fire Damage Repair and Restoration Service
Fires are one of the most dangerous forces of nature a home or business can experience. They can result in serious health problems and major property damage, which can hinder your life. When it comes to this type of damage, the first aspect you may notice is that your belongings are burnt and that the integrity of your structure is compromised. Fires can result in dilapidated walls, cabinets, countertops, and much more. When you work with our restoration experts, we will help you restore your home; this can make it look even better than it did before the fire.  We will also prioritize damage that can lead to further damage. For example, we can address a burned staircase that is at risk of collapsing unless a professional restoration company steps in. We will even go a step further and clean and sanitize your home. This process can help prevent health problems and make your belongings usable again. We also specialize in primary and secondary damage treatment. Primary damage occurs when damage is a direct result of flame exposure. Secondary damage occurs due to smoke exposure. Whether primary or secondary damages, our crew is experienced in fire damage repairs. With our prompt service, we will help you get back to living life as soon as possible.

Emergency Mold Damage Restoration

Utah Mold Damage Repair Service
Mold present in your home or office can cause structural damage and serious health concerns, which is why it is essential to take action urgently. Mold is the colloquial term for many types of unwanted fungi that are both indoors and outdoors. As it grows, it can damage the material it lives in, which can impair structural integrity. Mold that is inside your home or business is not only unsightly and smelly, but it comes with serious risks. Although you can clean small amounts of mold on your own, it is bound to grow back. Even worse—it will start to spread further out.  Eliminating large quantities of this substance requires expertise and protection for residents and employees as well as their belongings. If you spend too much time in a space with mold, you may experience headaches, respiratory problems, and other physical symptoms. Unfortunately, if your loved ones or employees have asthma or allergies, the presence of mold can impact them the most. If your home or business has mold, do not delay and get in touch with our remediation experts! Our mold remediation process helps residents and employees stay safe and healthy by detecting large-scale mold within the property and eradicating it using the best practices. 

Emergency Sewage Damage Restoration

Utah Sewage Damage Restoration Service

Sewage backups can cause serious property damage, unsanitary conditions, and possible electrical complications. When your home or business’s sewer lines become blocked, wastewater is not able to pass through the drainage pipes. The thick, dark water that forms as sewage is dangerous because it contains contaminants and viruses that can result in extreme illnesses if your family or employees are exposed to it. Multiple factors can result in sewage backup: clogs, tree roots, faulty sewer lines, and heavy rainfall. Determining the cause of your backup will be a daunting task, not to mention unsanitary. Working with our licensed technicians is the best way to handle a backup. 

If your home or business is experiencing one of these backups, do not wait another day to receive professional assistance. A sewer backup can result in disease, damage to your property, destruction to your valuables, or electrical malfunctions. Timely cleanup of your property can minimize any inconveniences and prevent mold and extensive damage. Our team will remove spillage, mop your floors, wipe your walls with soap and disinfectant, flush out any disinfecting plumbing fixtures, cleanup ductwork, repair or remove damaged wallboard, and more. Let us handle the problem so that you can go back to living life stress-free. 

Emergency Storm Damage Restoration

Utah Storm Damage Repair Company

We can take on repairs following natural disasters, such as wind storms, flooding, hail, and fallen trees. An unexpected weather event, such as a tornado, can bring wind damage to your home. For instance, storm damage caused by a powerful hurricane can result in extensive property damage and flooding. A blizzard can cause ice damming and wind damage. Unfortunately, we cannot predict natural disasters most of the time. Mother Nature can unleash powerful weather patterns, causing expensive storm damage to your home or business. Water, high winds, hail, and fallen trees are some of the few incidents that can expose your property and belongings to the elements, and it is out of your control. 

Prompt restoration is essential to your property’s safety and recovery. If you find yourself in this situation, rest assured that our team’s specialized skills will restore your property to its condition before the storm. In our years of service, we have learned that building materials, designs, and finishes must all be matched to the remaining structure, and the moisture lingering in your building’s components must be handled as well. Our ability to quickly rally manpower and professional equipment to respond to storms of all magnitudes is unrivaled in the Wasatch Front. 

Emergency Biohazard Damage Cleanup

Utah Biohazard Damage Cleanup Company

Our licensed technicians will handle all your biohazard cleanup needs with compassion and professionalism. Our job is to clean, sanitize, and deodorize the site where a traumatic event occurred. This is a challenging task that requires technicians to handle hazardous materials, including blood and body fluids. Proper handling of this type of cleanup is crucial for the safety of everyone involved. Most importantly, it is essential to work with empathetic individuals who will approach the situation with compassion and understanding. When you work with our team, you will receive only the best customer service. Biohazard cleanup is a service that requires industry experience, specialized equipment, and appropriate certifications. 

Improper cleanup can result in serious health and safety risks, causing even more damage. Our team will thoroughly wash and disinfect all toxic biohazards from impacted areas to ensure our customers’ property is returned to a safe, functional, and livable condition. We are proud to implement cleanup protocols that follow OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, which includes practicing universal precautions and providing our teams with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We will also provide our clients with PPE if they need to access any of the affected areas. We promise to provide you with the most comprehensive care in the industry so that you can get back to living life as soon as possible.

Free Damage Evaluation

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